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Creative + Technologist, I like to find correlations and perspectives between Stuff.

Tips from a lucid dreamer that can be applied in the waking life

When I was really young, I was prone to nightmares. I would wake up crying, frozen in place with the occasional wet bed. In the second grade, my mother blamed it on the fact that I regularly consumed the Goosebumps series. They were almost always about either being lost or being chased.

I remember several repeated dreams of me hiding under my father’s home office desk, looking away because if I couldn’t see the monster in my dream, it couldn’t see me either — right?

I found…

Dumbbells to digits — Fitness tips that helped me build a better writing habit

For new writers, the hardest thing about writing seems to be getting started on…well writing. That blank page becomes your nemesis and procrastinating becomes a full-on Olympic sport as you leap to do just about anything else that isn’t putting words onto a page. Laundry. Emails. Dissociating. Name it — it's a priority to writing.

That’s me. I am a PRO-crastinator. …

Post-Covid-19 survivors are having symptoms that mimic the experience of people living with chronic illness and trauma

Recently, 60 Minutes came out with a video describing the experiences of those who had Covid-19 and are still suffering from symptoms months later. The condition has been recognized as “Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome” although the individuals call themselves the “long-haulers”.

In the thirteen-minute segment, individuals and medical experts talk about the havoc wreaked upon the bodies of those with post covid symptoms. The video stated doctors have “never seen anything like this”. …

Learning how cognitive biases affect your decisions

Like many people, I’ve always tried to ensure I’m making the best possible decision. Amongst the daily choices ranging from “What to have for breakfast?” to “What career do I want?” to “What is my life’s purpose?”, decision fatigue is a very real facet of existing in this lifetime. An anxiety ridden brain, second guessing, data scrambling and thoroughly fact checking seemed to be tied to my decision making process.

So where does the popular MOBA spinoff auto-battler game Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games come into all this? …

Within these stressful times, it is not a stretch to say that there is a desire permeating society for this period of struggle to be over. All over the world there is a race to find a definitive answer to the chaos caused by Covid-19. Because of this pressure to find a cure, any possible proponent rises to the surface in the hopes of being “the one”. One most talked about is the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ will be used for easier reading). Recommended by Donald Trump, it has had a hype like status amongst his followers. Mixed news and selective…

Sophia Calderone

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